Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MAC Daphne Guinness Goodies!

I picked up 3 items from the MAC Daphne Guinness collection!  All 3 pigments were gorgeous, but I purchased Nebula and Aurora.  I also picked up the MAC Creamsheen glass in Narcissus!  It is so unique and is surprisingly wearable.  I thought it might be too loud for me, but it's perfect! 

Sidenote/Rant:  I seriously can not stand the newer MAC pigment jars.  They are so small and narrow and clumsy.  It's a horrible design.  You can barely fit a MAC 139 brush in it.  It irritates me to the point I almost want to return these.....but I won't.  I will just REALLY have to love the pigment to purchase another one.  Ok, carry on!

MAC Narcissus Creamsheen Glass

(L to R) Aurora, Nebula

(L to R) Narcissus, Aurora, Nebula

(L to R) Narcissus, Aurora, Nebula

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  1. SO so pretty!!!! I need to get more pigments! I honestly only own 1 and it was one my mom gave me which I never use!