Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My TOMS Shoe Collection!

Being a tall gal, I don't have the luxury of buying all the cute heels that most girls can wear.  I know TOMS aren't for everyone.  Some people think they are the ugliest shoe ever, but they have a cult following!  I love them.  I think they are super cute and comfortable.  They look so good with skinny jeans.  I have a pair for just about every occassion!  It is also for a great cause because every time you purchase a shoe, another shoe goes to a child in need!  I love that!  Here are some pics of my collection.  I just received 3 of these for my birthday in November ( 2 from my BFF and 1 from my mom).  Everyone knows how much I love these shoes!  Enjoy the pics!

Pink Pop Herringbone, Black Glitter, Teal Pop Herringbone

Navy Stitchout

Black Classic

Gray "Movember" Limited Edition

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