Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick #14 Swatch & Comparison!

Grab this if you can!  It's is gorgeous and so wearable!  Kate Moss has a limited edition set of lipsticks and lip liners with Rimmel London.  The lipsticks are numbered, they don't have names.  This is #14.  It is very creamy and even moisturizing.  It shows up slightly browner on the lips then it looks in the tube, but it's just got a slight hint of brown.  This lipstick has an interesting scent to it.  I swear it smells like cherries & cinnamon?  It smells good though and the scent doesn't stay around long. The closest lipstick I have to it is MAC's Blankety. A Brave New Bronze is fairy similar as well.   Enjoy the swatches! Thanks!

(Top to Bottom) MAC Brave, MAC Blankety, MAC A Brave New Bronze, Rimmel #14, MAC PIllow Talk

(L to R) Rimmel #14, MAC A Brave New Bronze

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  1. It is quite similar to blankety :o bascially a dupe. Thanks for the swatches