Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Too Faced Natural at Night Palette & Swatches!

Too Faced has a new "Natural at Night" palette at Sephora.com.  I really like this palette because it's different than all the other neutral palettes out right now.  These are always a great bargain for less than $40. If you own any of the other Too Faced palettes, you probably know how awesome these are.  They are always very beautiful and pigmented.  I own the Natural and Romantic palette as well.  The shades in this palette are gorgeous.  The shade "moonstone" is to die for!  WOW!  Beautiful!  My only complaint is that these don't come with a mirror inside.  They are swatched on my hand in the same order they appear in the palette. Here are the swatches!  Enjoy!


  1. oooo, I love this! I just saw a tutorial on this! Did you break project 10 pan? :) Do you have the Naked2 palette? If so, what do you think of it?

    1. Hey, Laura! Yes, this palette is gorgeous! As far as P10P, I had a big credit on my Sephora account plus a gift card. I debated on whether or not that was "cheating"....and since it's my P10P, it's my rules, right? LOL So, I don't know if I technically broke it or not. Either way, I'm still focusing on using up products (which I've never done before)....and I've used up several other products that weren't even in my P10P, so I'm still proud of myself! haha Yes, I own the Naked2 palette and I love it more than the first one. The colors just suit me better and are more wearable for me.

  2. Hey, it's your rules! :) I have been using my Naked2 everyday since I got it almost! I love it! I also have been LOVING the new Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hour eyeshadows! LOVE