Monday, January 23, 2012

Dior Pink Kimono & New World Purple Nail Polish Swatches!

These are the only polishes I own from Dior.  The formula on both of these are fantastic!  They are almost opaque with 1 coat and go on very easily without streaks.  I will be looking for dupes in my stash tonight and will update this post.  New World Purple is gorgeous and very unique.  I have nothing even remotely close to either one.  I have so many pink polishes, but none were close to Pink Kimono, which surprised me.  The closest I have is Zoya Happi.  It's a similar pink, but Happi has a lot of shimmer, while Pink Kimono is a cream.  Nothing compares to New World Purple.  It's gorgeous and one of a kind!  Enjoy the photos and swatches!
(L to R) Pink Kimono, New World Purple

(L to R) Pink Kimono, New World Purple

Dior New World Purple (2 coats w/ flash)

Dior New World Purple (2 coats)

Dior Pink Kimono (2 coats)

Dior Pink Kimono (2 coats w/ flash)

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