Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Project 10 Pan Starts Today!!

Thanks to ShadesofKassie (on YouTube), I was inspired to join her with Project 10 Pan for 2012.  This is my first Project 10 Pan and I'm actually excited about it.  I actually have 14 products though.  Project 10 Pan is when you make a committment to finish 10 beauty products before you purchase anymore.  It's a way for us beauty addicts to use our products and appreciate them, instead of buying more and more and never getting much use out of any 1 product.  I will probably update every week or so.  I do have a decent size order from Sephora coming and I'm not cutting myself off from buying nail polishes because I'm way to obsessed, but I will only buy ones that I know are limited edition.  I am going to restrain much more than normal on nail polishes.  However,  no makeup whatsoever will be purchased until I finish these up!  PROMISE!  The products I am including are:

  • Philosphy Frosted Animal Cracker Lip Shine
  • Mary Kay Taupe eyeliner
  • Milani Eyebrown pencil in Natural Taupe
  • CO Bigelow Lip Shine in Vanilla Mint
  • Blistex Silk & Shine
  • Maybelline Dream mousse blush in pink frosting
  • Laura Mercier Full Blown volume mascara
  • Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion in sin
  • Maybelline Lipgloss in Sandstone Shimmer
  • Maybelline Shadow Stylist in Elegant Pearl
  • MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer in NW15
  • Laura Mercier primer
  • Philosphy Amazing Grace Perfume
Click here to see my week 1 update:
Click here to see my week 2 update:

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