Thursday, January 19, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes Valentine's Day Collection 2012! (swatches)

Glamour Doll Eyes came out with a Valentines set this year and being the die hard GDE fan that I've been for over 2 years now, I had to have it.   Did I break project 10 pan?  Well, cough cough.   We can talk about that later.  There are some things I can't control and I'm learning that.  GDE is one of them.

The set came with a stack of 4 shadows(Amor, Less than three, February 14th and Romeo), 1 eye light(Valentine), 1 mini glamour gloss in the shade Juliet, 1 mini control freak primer that is pink for V-day, and 1 mini foil me. 

The Juliet gloss looks so bright and almost scary for me, but it is actually really wearable.  It's super easy to tone it done if you aren't brave enough to rock the bright lip yet.  The standout of the collection for me was the eyeshadow in Romeo.  It is just gorgeous.  She should make this permanent.  It would sell out!  Everything is just amazing (as usual).  Vee never lets me down.  My only small complaint is that I hate stackable shadows.  I like to be able to separate them and do as I please.  Besides that, no complaints.  Onto the swatches!

(L to R) Amor, Less than three, February 14th, Romeo

Valentine Eye light no flash

Valentine Eye light with flash

(L to R) Amor, Less than three, February 14th, Romeo

Juliet glamour gloss

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