Saturday, January 14, 2012

OPI Teenage Dream vs Sally Hansen Strobe Light (swatch & comparison)

When the Katy Perry OPI Collection came out in 2011, I heard so many people say that Sally Hansen's Strobe Light was a dupe.  I figured I'd save myself a few bucks and just get Strobe Light.   I've seen several swatches of Teenage Dream and everytime I do I could swear it's much pinker (and prettier) than Strobe Light.  So, being the nail polish junkie that I am, I finally got Teenage Dream and I did my own comparison. 

I'm sorry, but these are NOT dupes.  Teenage Dream is in a pink base, while Strobe light is in a clear base.  They have the same glitter and sparkle, but the pink base in Teenage Dream makes it so much prettier.  No comparison.  I even showed my husband the side by side comparison and he said they weren't dupes at all.  He agreed that Teenage Dream was the winner!  Here are the swatches below.  What do you think?

OPI Teenage Dream (2 coats)

Sally Hansen Strobe Light (2 coats)

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