Saturday, December 31, 2011

MAC Pigment sample goodies!

I recently purchased these 5 pigments samples from  I have purchased from their website several times over the years and they are a great company with authentic products.  These are all still available on their website.  They were around $4 for 1/4 tsp sample, which is enough to last a while.   I purchased 5 MAC pigment samples in the following colors:

  • Jigs & Jive
  • Sunnydaze
  • Museum Bronze
  • Gift O' Glamour
  • Most Darling
Enjoy the swatches!

Click here to see swatches of MAC subtle, coco & coco beach pigments!
(L to R) Jigs & jive, Sunnydaze, Museum Bronze, Gift O' Glamour, Most Darling

(L to R) Jigs & jive, Sunnydaze, Museum Bronze, Gift O' Glamour, Most Darling

NOTD: OPI Servin' up Sparkle over Orly Mirror Mirror (swatch)

Happy New Year's Eve!  I went through my giant nail polish collection and this combination was my idea of New Years!  I really love this combination!  Enjoy the swatches!

Friday, December 30, 2011

NOTD: Essie Super Bossa Nova

I woke up to over a foot of snow today.  So, I decided to go with a bright, fun pink to cheer me up!  This color puts me in the mood for summer!!  I love this color in the bottle, however, I don't think it's as pretty on the nails.  Maybe in the sunlight the sparkle is more visible.  I think this would be an awesome toe color!!  Hope you're having a great day!  Enjoy the swatches!

Essie Super Bossa Nova (no flash)

Essie Super Bossa Nova (with flash)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

NOTD: Maybelline Taupeward (swatch)

This was part of a limited edition fall collection for 2011.  In the bottle, it looks like it would be similar to Orly Rage or Sephora by OPI Chestnuts about you.  However, on the nail it is a sheer, almost nude polish with a subtle shimmer.  I honestly prefer this over Orly Rage.  I think this is more flattering on me.  I think this is a great polish for people who want a nude look, but don't like the cream nudes.  I think more people could pull off this color.  It took 3 coats to become opaque, but the formula is nice and smooth.  Enjoy the swatches!

Maybelline Taupeward (no flash)

Maybelline Taupeward (with flash)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NOTD: Maybelline Purple Trend (swatch)

This is such a cool color.  It's a deep plum brown with a surprising blue microshimmer!  The blue shimmer is so unexpected and unique.  I just love it so much!! 

Maybelline Purple Trend (no flash)

Maybelline Purple Trend (with flash)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Elf Duo Eyeshadow Cream Collection & Swatches!

I have to admit that I rarely use these.  Honestly, I don't know why.  They are great!  They are super creamy, highly pigments and have great staying power on me.  I've used them alone or as a base and it worked well both ways.  Swatching these reminded me of how great they are.  I will be reaching for them more often!  Enjoy the swatches! 

(L to R) Black Licorice, Olive duo, Berry Mix duo

(L to R) Black Licorice duo, Olive duo, Berry Mix duo

(L to R)  Blueberry duo, Mocha Swirl duo, Butter Pecan duo

(L to R) Blueberry duo, Mocha Swirl duo, Butter Pecan duo

OPI Nicki Minaj Collection Swatches & Photos

I really love this collection!  I picked out the 4 that stood out to me.  "FLY" is the standout of the whole collection in my opinion!  Pink Friday is also great because it applies so nice for a pink.  Most pale pinks are super streaky on me (ie. Essie Fiji).  These colors don't necessarily look amazing on my nails, but I think the colors are beautiful, fun and different. The formula on all of these are opaque in 2 coats and apply very nicely.  FLY didn't stain my nails at all either.  Metallic 4 Life was also very easy to remove for a chunky glitter polish.  Enjoy the swatches! 

OPI Fly (Save me over Fly on ring finger)

OPI Pink Friday (Save me over Pink Friday on ring finger)

OPI Metallic 4 Life

(L to R) Fly, Pink Friday, Save me, Metallic 4 Life

Merry Christmas NOTD: OPI Visions of Sugarplum (swatch)

What is not to love about this polish?  It's a deep shimmery purple with gorgeous sparkle!  It's insane! The formula is top notch.  No complaints! I believe this is from a 2009 ULTA holiday collection.  You can still find it on Ebay for a good price.  I had visions of sugarplums last night, but ended up being up all night with a baby that never sleeps.  Ahhh motherhood!  Onto the swatches!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

OPI Visions of Sugarplum

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes 2011 Holiday Set 1 & 2 Swatches!

I've been a big supporter of Vee at Glamour Doll Eyes for 2 or more years now.  She makes amazing quality loose pigment eyeshadows.  I pretty much have almost every color and limited edition set she has come out with.  I am so impressed with both Holiday Sets this year.  I had to share the swatches!  They are in limited quantity, but I just checked the website and they are still available for purchase.  I wouldn't wait if you want to purchase them.  They sell fast. 

Set 1 includes ($16.00): Snowberry, Snowglobe, Champagne kisses, Gingerbread girl

Set 2 includes ($14.00): Overslept, Midnight Light Show, December 26th, Tinsel Fight *eye light*

Enjoy the swatches! 

Adorable 2011 Holiday Packaging

(L to R) December 26th, Overslept, Midnight Light Show, Tinsel Fight *no flash* 

(L to R) December 26th, Overslept, Midnight Light Show, Tinsel Fight *with flash* 

(L to R) Champagne Kisses, Snow Globe, Gingerbread Girl, Snowberry *no flash*

(L to R) Champagne Kisses, Snow Globe, Gingerbread Girl, Snowberry *with flash*

NOTD: OPI The one that got away (Swatch)

This is from the Katy Perry OPI Collection!  It is a gorgeous, bright (yet deep) raspberry with an amazing lit from within sparkle that a camera just can't capture.  It has a really nice formula and it only needs 2 coats to be opaque. I'm really glad I have this in my collection and it reminds me of Christmas, so I thought it would be a good one for Christmas Eve!  Hope you're all doing fantastic!  Onto the swatch!

OPI The one that got away (no flash)

OPI The one that got away (with flash)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NOTD: Essie Sexy Divide (swatch)

I asked my husband to pick out a nail polish for me to wear today and this was his pick!  I do love this color!  It was opaque in 2 coats.  This polished lasted on me for 3 days before chipping, which is awesome for me.  My nail polish usually chips in 24 hours even with a top coat.  This lasted 3 days before chipping without a top coat! Enjoy the swatch!

Essie Sexy Divide (2 coats)

Wet n Wild Color Icon Nail Polish (swatches)

These are just fun colors!  For only $2.99 you can't go wrong.  They weren't hard to remove either (although there was glitter EVERYWHERE).  They were opaque in 2 coats and dried pretty fast. I picked up the colors Believe me, it's real, It's all in the cut, and Diamond in the Rough. Enjoy the swatches!

(L to R) Believe me, it's real, It's all in the cut, Diamond in the Rough

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

L'Oreal's Breaking Curfew Swatch & Close Dupe!

L'Oreal's Breaking Curfew is a very deep dark (almost black) redish purple.  In the bottle it looks almost exactly like OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark.  They are very similar on the nail as well.  Breaking Curfew is slightly darker and looks closer to black on the nail.  Lincoln Park After Dark looks more purple.  I actually prefer Lincoln Park After Dark because it looks less black on the nail.  I love colors that are very dark, but you can still tell they aren't black.  Enjoy the swatches!

L'Oreal Breaking Curfew (pinky, middle, thumb), OPI Lincoln Park After Dark (ring and index)

NOTD: OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ (swatch & comparisons)

I've had this polish for about a month and am just now getting a chance to use it.  I really love it.  I'm more of a vampy red fan and this is right up my alley.  This looks just like BBQ sauce!  I did a side by side comparison to 2 colors in my collection that are similar, but not quite the same. 

OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ

(L to R) OPI We'll always have Paris, OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ, OPI Just a little rosti at this

(L to R) OPI We'll always have Paris, OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ, OPI Just a little rosti at this

Monday, December 19, 2011

NOTD: Illamasqua Scarab (swatch)

Illamasqua's nail polish formula is A+ in my book.  I have 4 different colors and they all apply so easily and are opaque in one coat!  Scarab is such a gorgeous vampy red with metallic finish.  I don't typically reach for metallic polishes, but this one is an exception!  I wear this quite often in the fall/winter.  It looks great on the toes as well!  I purchased this at Sephora for $14.  Enjoy the swatches!

Illamasque Scarab (one coat)

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Collection & Swatches

These are my absolute favorite cream type eyeshadow that I've tried!  I absolutely love the consistency of these and how easily they apply and blend.  They look amazing with such minimal effort and they wear all day without a primer and without creasing!  I love them all equally!  If you haven't tried these yet, you should at least try one and see what you think!  Enjoy the swatches!

Click here to see my Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill shadow swatches!
Click here to see my comparison to the NEW L'Oreal Infallible 24 hour eyeshadows!

(L to R) Emerveille, Mirifique, Illusoire, Ebloui, Epatant

(L to R) Emerveille, Mirifique, Illusoire, Ebloui, Epatant



Sunday, December 18, 2011

NOTD: Sephora by OPI: My Personal Serpent (swatches and close dupe)

This is a very pretty dark green/blue cream polish.  The formula is A+!  I only used 1 coat for the photo, but I will probably add a second coat because my nails chip so quickly.  I've never heard anyone talk about this polish, but I really like it.  In the bottle it looks similar to OPI's Ski Teal we Drop and Essie's Bobbing for Baubles.  On the nails, it is darker more blue than Ski Teal we drop and it's slightly greener than Bobbing for Baubles.  It is pretty close to Essie's Bobbing for Baubles, but it's not an exact dupe.  You probably don't need both in your collection.  Enjoy the Swatches!

UPDATE: Sephora by OPI: My Personal Serpent didn't stain my nails upon removal, however, it stained my fingers HORRIBLY!  That really drives me nuts.  I can't get the stains off!!  I've scrubbed with Zoya nail polish remover and even tried Dawn soap.  Uggh!  Essie's Bobbing for Baubles didn't stain my nails or fingers, so I would probably recommend that! 

Click here to see swatches of my entire Sephora by OPI Collection!

Sephora by OPI: My personal serpent (with flash)

Essie's Bobbing for Baubles

(L to R) Essie Bobbing for Baubles, Sephora by OPI My Personal Serpent, OPI Ski Teal we Drop

(L to R) OPI Ski Teal we Drop, Sephora by OPI My personal serpent, Essie Bobbing for Baubles
(L to R) My personal serpant (1 coat), OPI Suzi Skiis in the Pyrenees (3 coats)

MAC Paint Pot Collection & Swatches!

MAC Paint Pots were the first cream shadows/bases I ever tried.  They will always be a part of my collection as I've grown fond of them over the years.  I went through several "Painterly" Paint Pots then switched to Soft Ochre because it blends better with my skin tone.  I use most of these as a base under my eyeshadows, but the 2 I use alone are Bare Study and Genuine Treasure.  Enjoy the swatches!

(L to R) Soft Ochre, Bare Study, Morning Frost, Rubenesque, Indianwood, Genuine Treaure, Moss scape

(L to R) Soft Ochre, Bare Study, Morning Frost, Rubenesque, Indianwood, Genuine Treaure, Moss scape

Saturday, December 17, 2011

NOTD: Essie Shine of the times (Swatch)

I did a lot of experimenting with this polish before finally deciding that I will probably only wear it over a black cream polish.  I layered this over greens, blues, reds and pinks.  It just looked......well....meh over every color EXCEPT for black.  When you put this over a black, it is like HOLOGRAPHIC HOT LAVA!  It is to die for!!!!!!!!  If you get this polish and you don't have a black polish, just grab one from Wet n Wild and you are good to go.  This is so eyecatching it's incredible!!!

Essie Shine of the times (over a black base)