Thursday, February 9, 2012

MAC Shop Shop Shop/Cook Cook Cook Lipstick Swatches & Comparisons!!!

I've been buying MAC for years and this is the first time EVER that I've purchased every single lipstick in a collection.  This is seriously the best lipstick collection ever!!!!!!!!!  I can't get over it!!  I almost didn't buy Naughty Saute, but it turns out to be my favorite of the bunch!!  It is such a gorgeous and wearable shade!  The pepto pink description almost scared me off, but it is the perfect light pink with just the right amount of sparkle!  My swatch photos are pretty darn accurate compared to what they look like in person.  I will be doing comparison swatches this evening!!!  Enjoy!!

Click here to see dupes of Naughty Saute and Dish it up!

Update:  When I wiped the swatches off my hand, all of the lipsticks (except Innocence Beware) stained my hand!  They won't rub off!!  I can't remember that ever happening!!!  Can you say staying power???? (pic below of stained hand)

Drooooooool!  So gorgeous!

(L to R) Naughty Saute, Quick Sizzle, Watch me Simmer, Dish it up, Innocence Beware

Stained hand after scrubbing and scrubbing off swatches!

(L to R) Up the Amp, Dish it up

(L to R) MAC Up the Amp, MAC Dish it up

(L to R) MAC Bubblegum, MAC Naughy Saute

(L to R) MAC Quick Sizzle, Maybelline Fuchsia Fever, MAC Watch me Simmer, MAC Fresh Salmon

***All MAC**
(L to R) creme d' nude, equality, fleshpot, freckletone, a perfect day, close to real
(bottom) Innocence beware


  1. aww crap! now i want them all, plus all 3 fluid lines AND one of the blushes... poor poor wallet :(

    1. Lol @ aww crap! I know the feeling! I want the wholesome goodness fluidline, but I need to relax. I've never been one to get too excited over MAC blushes, unless it's an awesome MSF. I also have Runaway Red lipstick coming, but it hasn't arrived yet. It's my first red lipstick ever. I hope it doesn't look terrible!! xo Heather

  2. I bought Dish is up and LOVE the color! I didn't get watch me simmer because the Nicki Minaj is just like it but a little more pink, so I'm sticking with that! I LOVE the new formulated eyeliners in the Vera Collection! I bought several!

    1. Awesome!!! MAC is seriously impressing me so far this year. I probably spent less than $200 last year total. The collections were just blah. This year I'm going to be a broke ass! I have a few orders on their way! I'll post when I get them! Yes, those eyeliners are amazing! They are permanent too! YAY!

  3. yes, I have been underwhelmed by the past few collections, but I also went buck wild with this one and all the money I had been putting aside for my makeup habit came in good use this time, I bought it out! haha!

    1. LOL. I complained a lot last year because MAC was sucking so bad, but now I want to buy EVERYTHING (and I almost did)! I don't know which is worse!