Sunday, February 12, 2012

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner Swatches!

These are my new love!!!  I have never used an eyeliner that was so soft and butterly to apply, yet it stays put.  Literally 30 seconds after I swatched these, I rubbed and rubbed and there was just a tiny faint smudge.  These liners stay put!  They are so easy to apply and they last all day on me.  I put all of my Urban Decay 24/7 liners on Makeupalley because I will never use them again.  MAC Pearlglides are amazing!!!!!!  Just look at the swatch of Undercurrent!!  Jaw dropping!!!!  I have a few more coming in the mail and will post swatches of those soon!  Enjoy the swatch!
Top: Undercurrent
Bottom: Black Line


  1. I just picked up Undercurrent, it's so pretty! Luckily these are permanent, I think I might have to go back and get Black Line, Black Swan and Industrial as well!

  2. Hi Jeanne! They are amazing! I have industrial, and the purple one coming! A good purple liner is so hard to find!!!

  3. I bought the purple one and I LOVE it!!!

    1. OMG the purple was is amazing! Do you see all the pink shimmer in it??? Wow! I also go Industrial and I'm sorta "meh" about it. Not at all like I was expecting.