Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sunday Riley Fool's Gold Eyeshadow Swatch & Comparison!

Fool's Gold was the one eyeshadow from Sunday Riley that I was dying to try.  In the pan it is to die for!  I was let down though after swatching it.   It's not very creamy or pigmented.  The two Urban Decay shadows that I swatched to compare (Dark Horse from Naked 1, and Snakebite from Naked 2) were soooo much creamier.  For $26 an eyeshadow, I expect it to blow my mind....and it didn't.  It's not even just the fact that it's not very pigmented, it's just not that eye catching to me.   It's still a very beautiful shadow, but just not as great as I had anticipated. 

Click here to see a swatch/comparison of the Sunday Riley Lady Godiva eyeshadow!

Sunday Riley Prismasilk Eyecolor in Fool's Gold

(L to R) Urban Decay Snakebite, Fool's Gold, Urban Decay Darkhorse, NARS Mekong

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