Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sephora Brand Nail Polish Swatches/Comparison (Jungle Playground & Crazy about Candles)

These are my first Sephora brand polishes.  I figured for $4, they were worth a try.  What I didn't realize is that these are TINY!  They are only 0.16oz!  That's a rip off for $4.  Sorry.  I won't be buying anymore of these, but they aren't bad.  Come on Sephora....make a full size bottle and continue charging the $4.  The formulas were opaque on both of these polishes.  I included a comparison swatch as well. 

(L to R) Jungle Playground, Crazy about Candles

(L to R) Jungle Playground, Crazy about Candles, Orly Rage, Sephora by OPI Chestnuts about you


  1. these are gorgeous!

    1. Aren't they awesome? Even the white is like BAM! :-)