Saturday, March 17, 2012

NOTD: China Glaze Fast Track (swatch)

This is such a pretty color in the bottle.  Right now I'm pretty pale and this shade gives me lobster hands.  I'm not feeling this color on me at all.  Maybe in the summer I will like it more.  The formula is great and was pretty much opaque in one coat....I used two.  Enjoy the swatch!

China Glaze Fast Track (2 coats)


  1. I have this color and it haa been sitting on my counter for some time. It was the only capital colors polish that I picked up! Looks great bu it es give you globster hands sorry :(

    1. Well, I am half lobster you know, so that is highly offensive. LOL Yeah, it did and I actually took it off after posting. That shade doesn't look good on uber pale skin like mine. Maybe in the summer after I can tan. :-)