Saturday, March 3, 2012

MAC Lipstick Collection & Swatches!

Here is my entire MAC lipstick collection and swatches!  Enjoy!

(L to R)  VG Gaga 1, Lazy day, California dreamin, Colour crafted, lollipop loving

(L to R) Ever hip, Fresh salmon, Toxic tale, Watch me simmer

(L to R) Colour me coral, VG Nicki, Flamingo, Blow dry

(L to R) Purple rite, Dish it up, Blooming lovely, Up the amp, Bubblegum

(L to R) Cherish, VG 5, Hug me, Fabby, Brave, Bouy-o-bouy, Embraceable

(L to R) Pink Friday, Quick sizzle, Snob, Pink pigeon, Candy yum yum, Naughty saute
(L to R) Lovelorn, Creme de la femme, Creme cup, Pop circle, Utterly frivolous

(L to R) VG 6 Special ed, Way to love, A rose romance, Politely pink, Shy girl, Angel

(L to R) Cutester, Her fancy, Pretty please, 1N, Phlox

(L to R) Gel, Sunsational, Plink, Pervette, Fashion mews, Bubbles

(L to R) Myself, Honey flower, Fleshpot, A perfect day, Marquise D, Sandy B

(L to R) Pillow talk, VG Gaga 2, Fresh brew, Brave new bronze, Freckletone, Peachstock

(L to R) Close to real, Creme de nude, Barely lit, Equality, Beigeland

New York Apple


  1. whoa! 70 Mac Lipsticks! someone has an addiction! I love all those colors! I am so jealous that you got your hands on Flamingo!!! :( it's the only one I wanted and couldn't get! I need to be quicker! I'll look for it at a CCO i suppose!

    1. LOL @ you counting them! Is 70 a lot? hahaha Yeah, MAC lipsticks are my weakness....but does it make it any better that I bought those over 4 years and swapped for several of them? :-) Oh, I missed out on Flamingo too. I only was able to get it in a swap recently. It's already my new favorite! If I see it at a CCO I will snag one for you!

  2. Thats like asking an alcoholic if beer tastes good! Of course I don't think 70 MAC lipsticks is too many! If you find Flamingo at a cco for me I would love you forever! haha! I'm going to keep my eyes out for it and cross my fingers!

    1. Well if you will love me forever I definetely have to find you a FLAMINGO!!!!! :) If you find it, you must get me a backup! That's the deal! xoxo