Friday, March 16, 2012

New Milani Eyeshadows in Peaches & Cream and Antigua (swatches)!

Wow, these sure caught my eye on the display.  There were several other shades as well and it was hard to pick just two.  When I brought these home and swatched them, I was pretty bummed.  These are worthless when used dry.  It's just a glittery mess and you get no color payoff.  However, when you use these wet, they are AMAZING!!!  I just spray MAC Fix + on my hand, dab my eyeshadow brush in the Fix +, then go into the eyeshadow.  There was close to no fall out when applied wet.   Antiqua is so gorgeous it's not even funny!  Enjoy the swatches!

Milani Eyeshadow in Antigua #14

 Antigua swatched dry/wet

Milani Eyeshadow in Peaches & Cream # 16

(L to R) Peaches & Cream swatched dry/wet


  1. OMG. The olive is so gorgeous. I want to put on primer and wet an applicator and have it RIGHT NOW. LOL.

    1. It is so gorgeous it's not funny! You NEED IT NOW!!!!!! My husband even said it looked awesome when I wore it yesterday and he never notices my makeup.