Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hanskin Super Magic & Skin 79 BB cream Review/Swatches!

I am a huge fan of BB creams because they are such a great one step product.  When I use a BB cream, I can skip the moisturizer and primer!  BB creams typically only come in one shade, but don't let that scare you away if you have fair to medium skin.  I always use my MAC MSF Natural over the BB cream and it matches perfectly. 

SKIN 79: I have used the Skin 79 (hot pink bottle) for over six months now.  It is pretty gray when I blend it into my skin.  It has to be set with a powder foundation or MSF Natural.   It has a very dewy (almost tacky/wet) finish, but once I set it with my MSF Natural I love it!  I don't get oily at all during the day and it doesn't accentuate my pores at all!  I would compare the consistency of this to a tinted moisturizer.  It has very light coverage. I have really enjoyed the Skin 79 BB cream and recently tried a sample of the gold version.  I found them to wear exactly the same on my skin. 

Hanskin Super Magic:  This one is much different than the Skin 79.  It has a completely different consistency.  It is actually a bit strange when applying it.  It is thicker than the Skin 79 and it is more difficult to blend into your skin.  It feels much more like a foundation, while the Skin 79 feels like a tinted moisturizer.  Hanskin Super Magic applies best for me when I use my fingers and dab it into my skin as opposed to rubbing it in.  It actually has really great coverage and it isn't gray like the Skin 79.  I could actually wear this alone without setting it with my MAC MSF Natural.  The Hanskin actually minimizes my pores (which has never happened before)!  The only downside is that it settles into the fine lines around my eyes, so now I avoid that area.  I would have to say this is my favorite BB cream so far because of the added coverage that it gives and the way it minimizes my pores!

Just an FYI I have also tried two of the Dr. Jart BB Creams as well as Boscia and ended up returning those because they broke me out.

Here are side by side swatches of the BB creams mentioned:

(L to R) Skin 79, Skin 79 gold, Hanskin Super Magic

(L to R) Skin 79, Skin 79 gold, Hanskin Super Magic

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