Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chanel Fantasme vs. Lorac 3D Lustre Drops

I've used both of these several times and thought it was time to do a comparison.  Hands down I prefer Chanel Fantasme.  Fantasme is much easier to apply because you can apply it with your finger straight from the jar.  The lustre drops require you to put a drop on your hand and then apply it with your finger.  The lustre drops also apply wet and seem to mess up the eyeshadow slightly that you apply it over.  I also feel like the lustre drops take time to dry, while Fantasme requires no dry time.  I also prefer Fantasme because you can wear a sheer wash or build it up.  I love the pink sheen that Fantasme gives as well!  I did experience some fall out during the day when wearing both of these.  Enjoy the swatches!

Lorac 3D Lustre drops

Chanel Fantasme

(L to R) Chanel Fantasme, Lorac 3D lustre drops

*over a neutral eyeshadow*
(L to R) Chanel Fantasme, Lorac 3D lustre drops

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