Friday, April 6, 2012

NYC Sunny Bronzer vs Essence Sun Club Blonde Bronzer (swatch/comparison)

NYC Sunny Bronzer has been my go-to matte bronzer for a while.  It works on my pale winter skin without looking too harsh or orange.  I have been exploring the brand Essence lately and saw they had 2 new matte bronzers (blonde and brunette).  I grabbed the blonde shade for less than $4 and thought I'd give it a try.  It is 15g of product versus 9.4g in the NYC Sunny.  After wearing the Essence blonde bronzer for a week I have concluded that I prefer it over NYC Sunny.  Essence bronzer has a much smoother consistency and it easier to blend into the skin.  I like to use it as a contour or with a big fluffy brush for an all over bronzer to warm up my skin a bit.   I find that the Essence bronzer looks more natural in general.   Even if you have really pale skin, you could use the Essence bronzer with a light hand to contour and it would look great.   What is your favorite matte bronzer?  Enjoy the swatches! 

(L to R) Essence blondes bronzer, NYC Sunny bronzer


  1. Ooh that looks nice! The only matte bronzer I have is Benefit's Hoola and that runs very pink on me so I don't usually wear it all over my face. I suppose since a lot of people are afraid of looking too orange, many bronzers are more pink/red. I'll definitely have to check this Essence one out!

    1. Hi Jeanne! You should check it out! For $4 it's worth a try! I like NYC sunny a lot, but I feel like I have to work harder to blend it to look natural. I'm really loving Essence lately. I can't believe how inexpensive they are for such great quality makeup!

    2. i just discoverd this cosmetic line today n was amazed at how inexpensive their products are for the quality..way to go essence

  2. Essence is a highly overlooked brand in cosmetics!! I absolutely love the bronzer, I have both Blonde and Brunette - I am filipino so my skin is already tan and I found that the Blondes worked perfectly fine. The Brunettes is good for summer, when my skin is very dark. I love both and you CANNOT beat the price!! I've tried several bronzers from drugstore to high end and this is by far the best product i have tried!