Saturday, April 28, 2012

NARS Amchoor vs Color Club Almost Famous (swatch/comparison)

I was super excited for the new NARS Thakoon Collection to be to released!  The bright yellow shade called Amchoor stood out the most to me.  After going through my collection, I realized it is similar to Color Club's Almost Famous.  I actually prefer Almost Famous on my skin tone.  I would say that Amchoor is more of a sunflower yellow, while Almost Famous is more of a sunshine yellow.  They are both very bright and beautiful!  If you are on the fence, Color Club polishes are only a few dollars!  Enjoy the swatch!

(L to R) Color Club Almost Famous, NARS Amchoor

(L to R) Color Club Almost Famous, NARS Amchoor
**sorry it is slightly blurry**


  1. Close enough for me!! PS, I just discovered your raw foods/food journal tabs. DUDE! I watched Forks Over Knives too and I went vegetarian just this week. My goal was to ease into it, and do just M-F. I have no prob giving up actual meat, but dairy is ROUGH!!!I want butter, cheese, and milk (not tons, but still) I've also been eating brown rice, couscous, etc. I gave up coffee this week too (omg, crazy...I usually have an iv of it attached to me!). Are you still doing raw? (I know you are moving soon, right?) I'm sure that's not easy!

    1. That is so awesome, Maribeth! I'm not doing raw right now. Life is just too crazy with our big move coming in 2 weeks. When we get settled in Texas, I will be going back on a raw vegan diet and will be updating my blog daily again. It's not easy. You have to really want it to be able to stick with it. We are so used to the American diet and there are sooo many temptations. Are you doing it alone? My husband is hard to change, but he will eat what I cook as long as it tastes decent! Let me know how things are going! I'll be joining you again very soon! I miss it! I feel like a slug right now and guilty eating this garbage.