Monday, April 30, 2012

New essence colour 3 nail polish duos! (swatches!)

YES, more essence!!!  I just can't help myself!  Everything I've tried so far, I have loved and I couldn't pass these new nail polish duos for $2!  At first I thought it was a crackle polish duo, but it's not!  They are duos that you can either wear alone or layered to "create your own shade".  I was really surprised at how pretty these were combined.  The duo in number 01 Midnight Date reminds me of Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe.  I own Across the Universe, but sadly it is packed away due to us moving in 2 weeks.  I hope you enjoy the swatches!

03 Kiss on top of the Rock duo

04 A Walk in the Park duo

01 Midnight Date duo

06 Ticket to the Show duo


  1. Whoa these rock! I need to look out for them! Where did you find yours? (Fred Meyer??)

    1. Good ole Freddy's! I will be so so so sad if I can't find essence in Texas. I don't know if HEB sells it. I also just responded to your commment about your diet change! How are you doing???

    2. I frickin miss FM so bad!! I think I told you we moved from Pac NW to Jersey a few months back and I am still trying to find my Essence "hook up" here! Ulta carries some of the new released stuff, but it's sporadically. I liked have Freddy's always updated their stuff! I'm gonna email you because my food comment will drag on forever :)